We at Thermal Solutions guarantee clients satisfaction by providing HVAC services in a high level of professionality

نحن في مؤسسة حلول الحرارة نضمن رضى عملائنا بتوفير خدمات أنظمة التكييف و التبريد بأعلى معايير الجودة

Experienced hands

أيدي محترفة

Our professional engineers and technicians have over 10 years of experience in HVAC and refrigeration.

Competitive prices

أسعار منافسة

We offer lower rates for our services compared to other providers.

High quality tools

نستخدم أجود المعدات

Our engineers and technicians work with the most advanced and reliable tools and equipment.

24/7 On call support

خدمة الصيانة على مدار٢٤/٧

We provide 24/7 on call emergency maintenance service and spare parts.

Our specialized services include the following sectors:

خدماتنا تشمل القطاعات التالية:


القطاع الصناعي

Water/air chiller installation, repair, and maintenance services


القطاع التجاري

HVAC and refrigeration systems installation, repair, and maintenance services


القطاع السكني

Air Conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services